Shanghai Toys Imp.& Exp.Co.,Ltd.
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metal and plastic toys
Attn: Wan Junjie
Tel:0086 21 58203950
Fax:0086 21 58205138
E-mail:[email protected]

plush toys,dolls
Attn: Jiang Qun
Tel:0086 21 58205162
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wooden toys,inflatable toys,musical toys
Attn: Xu Lian
Tel:0086 21 58205587
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bags and suitcases,caps
Attn: Ye Shidong
Tel:0086 21 58205621
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stationery,sports goods,accessories
Attn: Zhou Zengmin
Tel:0086 21 58205692
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A Brief Introduction
Shanghai Toys Imp.& Exp.Co., an enterprising company professionally handling toys and light industrial products import and export business.The company possesses the ability of designing toy products,making models and organizing production with a number of co-operative factories.Exporting good toys and rendering good service,our company has been enjoying good reputation both at home and abroad.At present,we have had long-term business relationship with customers from more than 100 countries.
Toys handled: metal and plastic toys(friction-type & clock-work toys,battery-operated toys,radio-control,sound-control,and light-control electronic toys),plush toys,dolls,wooden toys,inflatable toys,musical toys,children's vehicles,etc.The light industrial products include stationery,suitcases,caps and so on.Products completed in the category have been sold all over the world.
Shanghai Toys Imp.& Exp.Co.,Ltd.has always been faithful in carrying out its contracts.Reasonable in price,superior in quality,timely in delivery,flexible in doing business,the company serves customers whole-heartedly.Foreign friends are warmly welcome to establish trade ties,including expanding business of processing on supplied materials.